Football tips and predictions

When it comes to betting on football, it can be hard to know exactly what to look for in building a strong tip. Many different tipsters class a variety of attributes for what actually makes the perfect football betting tip but it’s difficult to accurately narrow it down to a handful of key factors to swear by.

Creating your own football betting tips can be massively rewarding. This isn’t only due to the potentially hefty returns if your bet lands but also the mere fact that you’ve been able to predict something which has ended up going in your favour. For those who would rather check out the recommended bets of an experienced tipster, check out football tips and predictions from Footy Accumulators, backed up by in-depth match previews and closely tied to the strongest bookmaker odds.

How do I get started with my own tips?

The most important thing to establish before betting at all is setting your limits as it’s easy to get carried away with betting, so gambling responsibly has to come first. When you’ve defined your limits then you’d be best looking at all the upcoming matches in the next few days, making notes of the bigger fixtures being played, and avoiding all of the lower leagues throughout the world, unless if you have a heightened knowledge for the Uruguayan second division.

Once you’ve established a match you want to bet on – primarily one from the Premier League, Championship, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga or Ligue 1 – you can work out the statistics behind each team. You’ll need to see what the form is like for both sides, as well as how they look at home or away, as that can massively affect your bet. After that, check for any major injuries as there’s always a chance one side will be missing a key player, which is damaging to that team’s chances of success.

Placing your bet

Bookmakers will already have odds for each team’s chances of winning, so see what they say. Although their estimations aren’t always completely accurate, it tends to be some indication of how the game will play out. It’s recommended to go by what your research says rather than what bookie odds says, but make sure you find out the reasoning behind their pricing.

Shopping around for odds before placing your bet is a crucial final piece of advice. It can make a massive difference to scooping some more substantial odds, so it’s worth biding your time before backing. By following these steps, you’ve worked out what it takes to come up with your own free football tips. If you ever get stuck, places like FootyAccums make sure to have a new bet every day, so they’re always a worthwhile website to keep tabs on.