Spain face potential World Cup exit

Spain’s participation in the upcoming FIFA World Cup could be in danger after FIFA expressed its concerns over the political interference in the RFEF (Real Federación Española de Fútbol), the Spanish Football Federation.

The governing body for football has sent out a warning to the RFEF stating that Spanish government’s role in the election of new president of the federation could result in them being expelled from the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia.

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Sergio Ramos worried

Sergio Ramos, the Real Madrid defender and the Spain captain spoke to the press and expressed his concerns stating that he cannot believe that Spain could possibly lose an opportunity that they’ve worked very hard for.

Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish Prime Minister has said that he isn’t too bothered about the FIFA threat as everything is under control.

Spain last won the World Cup in 2010, for the first time, and go into FIFA World Cup 2018 as one of the favourites.

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FIFA’s take

As you must be aware, RFEF is currently being headed by the interim president Juan Luis Larrea, after Angel Maria Villar was forcibly removed from his position on corruption charges.

In a recently issued statement to the press, FIFA stated, “We can confirm that FIFA recently sent a letter to the RFEF showing its concern with the situation the federation is in and reminding it that… all member associations should manage their affairs independently.”

“All associations must be assured that there is no outside interference from third parties in its internal affairs. FIFA is in contact with the RFEF and in the next few weeks a delegation of FIFA and UEFA members will travel to Madrid to analyse the situation the RFEF is in,” the statement further said.

RFEF’s take

The Spanish newspaper El Pais also reported that the concerns expressed by FIFA centre primarily around the sports department of the government pushing for fresh Federation elections. A RFEF statement on the other hand clarified that President Larrea had discussed the matter with the FIFA members on December 1, 2017, during the World Cup draw.

Subsequently, RFEF passed on the FIFA’s concerns to the sports minister and was expected to organise a meeting in that regard. RFEF is working overtime to ensure that everything runs smoothly, which has been the primary objective of the board of directors.

RFEF further clarified that they are doing everything possible to ensure that Spanish national team participates in the upcoming World Cup, especially after their brilliant display during the qualifying tournament.